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I know we are all currently worried about how to pass so much time at home for the next few weeks.  To help out, I'm now offering take home fun!


This kit includes all materials to make your own rainforest terrarium.  Kit includes platic terrarium bowl, sand, assorted rocks, activated charcoal, moss, soil, succulent, and a special rainforest animal.


To make terrarium:

1. add sand to bottom.  If you'd like to dye the sand, simply add a few drops of food coloring to the containter of sand, close the lid, and shake it up until you get the color you'd like.  Leave lid off until sand is dry.

2. add a layer of rocks

3. add a layer of activated charcoal

4. add layer of moss

5. add layer of soil

6. plant your succulent in the soil

7. top off with any decorative rocks and plastic animal.  


Water succulent with 2 tbsp water every 2 weeks.


To Keep Us All Safe, these new guidelines are in place for all kit purchases and pick ups:

-Kits will be availble for pick up from 2-3pm on weekdays only.  Please text 610-960-1093 when you are on your way, and I will place your bag outside the door for pick up, as I am no longer allowed to open my doors to customers.  

-Online payment only.

Rainforest Terrarium Kit